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Patrick Byrd

Pro Dj and Event Host (757) 650-4510

The Wedding Reception

Your wedding day. A most beautiful setting with family, friends, and the one you love. It is the day you will remember forever.

That is distinctly how I treat it…

The day may already be quite an expense, well before the entertainment is even decided on. The Host’s presentation must reflect the class and elegance of your reception setting. From Special Introductions to Wedding Toasts, and more, we discuss together how you want it to happen.

Designing the Perfect Day

There are many special elements of a Wedding Reception a bride can choose from. Once I am contracted as your Host, I meet with you personally to present and select them together.

Some of what we discuss are..

- Wedding Toasts                    - Bouquet and Garter Toss

- Cocktail and Dinner Music      - Sentimental Music Dedications

- Special First Dances              - Bridal Party Introductions

- Wedding Party Entrances        …and so much more..

 I always have techniques of making the children feel special at the reception. There are also unique ways to interact the two families on the dance floor. Perhaps most special is how I honor the longest married couple in the room. There are many things I can do to spotlight important guests, and emphasize the important traditions of your family.

Selecting the Best Music

Music at a reception always reflects upon the bridal couple. Some couples have a preferred and selective taste, while others enjoy more traditional favorites. With a 250,000 song digital library, I am versatile with all music formats. I work with the requests of the bridal couple, and the music that your guests respond to. We can also discuss specific songs you don’t want played at your reception. With variety in music and personal style, each wedding I host is always unique and enjoyablefor everyone.

* The Specialty Events page lists and samples the

many music styles available to you.

The Video Experience

Every couple

               has a story..

Pictures can tell

an endearing story to an audience, when arranged in a sentimental Video Slideshow. With 25 of your digitally scanned photos, I can personally design the slideshow arrangement. At your reception, I will use a 6 ft. LCD rear projection screen for audience viewing. Your personally or professionally designed DVD format video shows for the event are also most welcome.

For the dinner hour, the Video Package can include romantic visuals, such as ocean landscapes or a crackling fireplace. Exciting color visuals flow across the screen during

celebration time.

*Visit the Specialty Events page for more Video Show details,

as well as our Gallery for more photos of the Video Setup.

The Complete Wedding Package    

What makes my service unique for brides is that I am equally ordained as a Minister. I serve as an Interdenominational Wedding Chaplain, Ordained by the Church of Christ, and Certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia. From sandy beaches to private chapels, to an outdoor terrace at the reception site, the setting is your choice. I will be glad to work with you at

any preferred location.

I offer a nice Wedding Package that includes both services. When having me as both Officiant & Dj for your Wedding Day, microphone and music services for the Ceremony are available at no extra charge. Beautiful music can be chosen for the Bridesmaid’s Entrance, Bridal Processional, and Ceremony Recessional. Launa is discreetly fitted with a small microphone so all guestscan hear and share your wedding experience.

More information can be gathered by clicking

Blessings From Above

Ceremonies and Services

Both services can truly complete

your Wedding Day…